Re: Questions about ACRN's dependency and Other Linux Distro Supports

Geoffroy Van Cutsem

Hi Taekyoung,


With the latest release (v0.3), you should be using org.clearlinux.iot-lts2018-sos.4.19.0-19, we’re in the process of updating the Getting Started Guide to reflect these changes – see We will also need to update our tutorial on how to use Ubuntu as the Service OS as it is, as you’ve noted, out of date in a few places. I have filed a ticket to track that task:


You’re absolutely right about the discrepancy about the kernel location. Ultimately, you can put it pretty much where you want on the ESP (/dev/sda1, the EFI System Partition), the key being to use the right path in your grub conf file. IMHO, the most logical location for that kernel would be under /EFI/Ubuntu





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Hi Geoffroy. 
I'm little bit confused now.

Two things need to be clear. 

1. SOS kernel image file 
  - What kernel image should I use? with ACRN Hypervisor v0.3
  - org.clearlinux.pk414-sos.4.14.57-69 or org.clearlinux.iot-lts2018-sos.4.19.0-19 ?

2. SOS kernel image location 
  - According to the guide page(
The SOS kernel copies to '/boot/acrn/',
sudo cp ~/kernel-build/usr/lib/kernel/org.clearlinux.pk414-sos.4.14.57-69 /boot/acrn/

but in the '/etc/grub.d/40_cutom file says
'linux  /EFI/org.clearlinux/kernel-org.clearlinux.pk414-sos.4.14.57-69'
  - Is this ok? For me, it looks like two different partitions, '/boot/acrn/' is /dev/sda3, and '/EFI/org.clearlinux/' is /dev/sda1.

Taekyoung Kim

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