Re: Questions about ACRN's dependency and Other Linux Distro Supports

Hello, Yang.
Thank you for the reply.

1,  is your acrn.efi loaded by EFI firmware correctly?

     You can run “ sudo efibootmgr –v” to check if the “ACRN Hypervisor” is first boot option,

    Also you can enter the EFI firmware at boot (using F10) to select “ACRN Hypervisor”

  -> [TK] ACRN ubuntu SOS appeared in boot list, but after selecting it, my hardware didn't show anything and rebooted in few seconds. 

    because of that I couldn't go further step 2 or 3 as you mentioned. 

I was wondering if the SOS kernel that I'm using(org.clearlinux.pk414-sos.4.14.74-115) has device dependency (might be CPU, graphic card and so on)

I think knowing which component or options are dependent on device would be helpful to porting ACRN hypervisor and Service OS

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