Re: Questions about ACRN's dependency and Other Linux Distro Supports

Hello. This is Taekyoung Kim. 
I have same problem with booting both Clear Linux SOS and Ubuntu SOS. 
My machine shows black screen and reboots automatically.

I have a question regarding this issue.
- Is there H/W dependency in the grub command? What are they? How can I get rid of dependency to boot SOS?

The environment I am using is below (Ubuntu as SOS)
H/W : NUC6i5SYH 
Hypervisor : ACRN Hypervisor v0.3
SOS Kernel : org.clearlinux.pk414-sos.4.14.74-115

menuentry 'ACRN ubuntu SOS' {
        insmod gzio
        insmod part_gpt
        insmod ext2
        linux  /boot/acrn/org.clearlinux.pk414-sos.4.14.74-115 pci_devices_ignore=(0:18:1)  console=tty0 console=ttyS0 i915.nuclear_pageflip=1 root=PARTUUID=b668057b-46ff-44fb-8ba0-624550abad2b rw rootwait ignore_loglevel no_timer_check consoleblank=0 i915.tsd_init=7 i915.tsd_delay=2000 i915.domain_plane_owners=0x011111110000 i915.enable_guc_loading=0 i915.enable_guc_submission=0 i915.enable_preemption=1 i915.context_priority_mode=2 i915.enable_gvt=1 hvlog=2M@0x1FE00000

Any comments and thoughts would be helpful.

Taekyoung Kim

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