Re: Using Virtio-gpio in guest VM

Geoffroy Van Cutsem

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On Thu, May 12, 2022 at 11:05:21PM -0700, shibi590268@... wrote:
I checked the acrn kernel with tag release_1.4. That seems to work with
latest acrn hypervisor tag release_2.7. Hence i patched the code to the latest
kernel 5.10/preempt-rt and it worked. Consider this as my suggestion it
would be good if the virtio-gpio patch is carried over to the latest kernels in
the future.

The virito-gpio has been upstreamed in virtio 1.2 spec and its FE driver also
integrated to Linux kernel.

The ACRN1.4's Virtio gpio implementation is far away from the upstream
version. So the correct way is to implement a new virtio-gpio BE followed the

It is not on our roadmap, but we expect anyone from ACRN community can
contribute it. :)
It'd be great to see someone tackle this. I've captured it on this wiki page too:



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