Re: ACRN hypervisor build fails with internal error

Junjie Mao


Welcome to ACRN!

What this calltrace complains about is that the platform has multiple
sockets and thus L3 caches which is a case beyond ACRN's common uses
today. However, multiple sockets may not hurt if CAT (Cache Allocation
Technology) is not to be enabled which is the case according to your
scenario definition.

Here's a one-liner patch to skip the L3 cache related logic at the
configuration phase (just cherry-pick the first commit in this branch):

While that allows you to build the hypervisor, there could be other
issues when deploying ACRN on a server like yours.

May we know your intended use case for running ACRN on a server?

Best Regards
Junjie Mao

"Liu, Fuzhong" <fuzhong.liu@...> writes:


recently I started with the getting started guide for version 3.0.
When starting the first build of the hypervisor i get the following error:

acrn@acrn-virtual-machine:~/acrn-work/acrn-hypervisor$ make BOARD=~/acrn-work/MyConfiguration/X12DPi-N-T-6.board.xml SCENARIO=~/acrn-work/MyConfiguration/scenario.xml

make[1]: Entering directory '/home/acrn/acrn-work/acrn-hypervisor/hypervisor'

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/home/acrn/acrn-work/acrn-hypervisor/misc/config_tools/static_allocators/", line 41, in <module>


File "/home/acrn/acrn-work/acrn-hypervisor/misc/config_tools/static_allocators/", line 31, in main

module.fn(board_etree, scenario_etree, allocation_etree)

File "/home/acrn/acrn-work/acrn-hypervisor/misc/config_tools/static_allocators/", line 82, in fn

create_mask_list_node(board_etree, scenario_etree, allocation_etree, policy_list)

File "/home/acrn/acrn-work/acrn-hypervisor/misc/config_tools/static_allocators/", line 53, in create_mask_list_node

length = common.get_node(f"//cache[@level='3']/capability/capacity_mask_length/text()", board_etree)

File "/home/acrn/acrn-work/acrn-hypervisor/misc/config_tools/static_allocators/../library/", line 200, in get_node

assert len(result) <= 1, f"Internal error: multiple element nodes are found for {xpath}"

AssertionError: Internal error: multiple element nodes are found for //cache[@level='3']/capability/capacity_mask_length/text()

make[1]: *** No rule to make target '/home/acrn/acrn-work/acrn-hypervisor/build/hypervisor/configs/allocation.xml', needed by '/home/acrn/acrn-work/acrn-hypervisor/build/hypervisor/configs/unified.xml'. Stop.

make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/acrn/acrn-work/acrn-hypervisor/hypervisor'

make: *** [Makefile:137: hvdefconfig] Error 2

Is there a bug in the make file or am I doing something wrong here?

Please find the scenario.xml and the Board file attached.




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