Re: ACRN shared-scenario SOS startup fails

Geoffroy Van Cutsem

I haven’t checked the content of your files but do make sure that you ran the board_inspector tool from the same version of ACRN you want to run. There has been significant changes in that space lately. Unfortunately, we do not validate that processor family anymore so let’s hope it’s not something that got broken while adding support for newer processor generations.





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Hi Florian

After board.xml generated, do you add more device on your board?

From your board.xml; the rootfs is in p2 of NVMe. Does it boot successfully for native?


Could you please help to share the grub menu of ACRN?


It is appreciated if you can raise one GitHub issue. It is helpful for ACRN community.






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Subject: [acrn-users] ACRN shared-scenario SOS startup fails


Hi everybody,
I am trying to setup the shared scenario as described in the getting started guide but I can't get it to work. After the Grub Menu I end up with a black screen with the GRUB output: Loading ACRN... It seems like ACRN starts up but booting the SOS VM fails. I have attached the console output from the ACRN-Shell as well as the board and scenario file. The build process runs without any errors.

I've set up ACRN before on various hardware without any issue like that, so I am not really sure where to start to find the source of the problem. Has anybody noticed a similar issue before or has an idea what I could try to get it running? I really appreciate any help.


HV-Branch: release_2.7
SOS-Branch: release_2.7
SOS: Ubuntu 18.04.06

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