Using Virtio-gpio in guest VM


         I need to use two gpio pins from a VM. 
I used    -s 10,virtio-gpio,@gpiochip0{11=pin0:12=pin1} \ in the launch scripts. The kernel boots up successfully with a new pci device added 00:0a.0 PIC: Intel Corporation Device 8609.

The device is getting listed as PIC: Intel Corporation Device 8609 is this correct?
But i couldn't find the gpio device listed under /dev/
ls /dev/gpio
ls: cannot access '/dev/gpio': No such file or directory

or in /sys/class/gpio

ls /sys/class/gpio/
export  unexport

ls /sys/bus/gpio/devices/

I couldn't find virtio-gpio module in kernel. So I used a patch from But still i am not successful in this. 
Is there anything that i am missing? Is there any patch recommendation available that could be used.

User VM: ubuntu
Service VM : ubuntu
I am using ACRN hypervisor: v2.8

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