Re: Virtual communication in ACRN

Yu Wang

On Wed, Apr 20, 2022 at 04:09:08AM -0700, florian.r.e.arnold@... wrote:
Hi Yu,
Thanks for the quick response. Your answers helped a lot.

Just one more thing:
The virtual switch (the standard L2 switch or the OVS) runs within the service VM, which is not a real-time VM.
Do you want to get a realtime network mediator for realtime workloads in
RTVM? I don't think there has such mediator can saitisfy the RT
requirement so far... The hv-land mediator may be feasible as its code
path is determined but SOS's user-land mediator is too complex...

So my question is:
Could other applications within the SOS user space or kernel space interfere with the switch so that I might get non-deterministic latencies for the communication between VMs and external components?
If yes, are there any alternative approaches to ensure deterministic low-latency communication within ACRN?
You can investigate the QoS of Linux network for this. Likes cgroups or
others to isolate the bandwidth and prioritization.


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