Virtual communication in ACRN

Florian Arnold

Hi everyone,


I am currently working on a system with real-time and non-realtime VMs, and I need to implement some network communication between different VMs and external components. I read the high-level design guides, especially the parts about device emulation and virtio, to understand what communication is already supported by ACRN. Unfortunately, I am not sure if I got it right so far. So maybe you guys could help me understand a few things.


My questions are:

  • As I understand, I can connect two VMs with a virtual network. I assume this virtual communication is based on shared memory as well. Is that correct?
  • Is it possible to connect multiple VMs with something like a virtual switch? I’m thinking of something similar to virtual switches on ESXi Servers (
  • If something like a virtual switch exists in ACRN, does it live in the hypervisor itself or the service VM?
  • Do pre-launched VMs always require dedicated hardware for network communication, or can they share devices emulated by the service VM?


I hope those are not too many questions. Even some answers would help me a lot.


I appreciate any help you can provide.




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