Need support for launching post RTVM


Hello ACRN,
          I am trying to run RT patched Ubuntu 18.04 with 5.4.177.rt69 kernel. I have generated the scenario xml and launch scripts.
Scenario: Shared
ACRN tag: acrn-2022w03.2-100000p
ACRN kernel: acrn-2022w03.2-100000p
Board: Intel  apollo lake

The OS gets launched by launch scripts without RTVM. If it is launched with script for RTVM i see vm exit handler failed in the acrn console. I am attaching the scenario.xml, launchscript xml and board file.

ACRN:\>[1774455470us][cpu=1][vm0:vcpu1][sev=3][seq=132]:ret=-1 hypercall=0x80000031 failed in vmcall_vmexit_handler

I followed the solution posted in the thread by picking up the acrn-kernel 5.10.83 patched with rt and installed into ubuntu18.04. But still the problem persists. 

5.10.84 kernel should be working with the ubuntu18.04 because my service vm is ubuntu18.04 with 5.10.83 sos kernel. Please help me address this problem. 
I measured the task timing performance of RTVM launched with launch script for the a normal uos. The maximum latency is high in range of 10000us while it is expected to be below 50 us. 

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