Re: ACRN-Hypervisor build fail


     Thanks. I used acrn-2022w03.5-180000p to build ACRN and launch scripts. It builds without error. If I use the latest tag I am seeing some error while running acrn_configurator. It is from 40_acpi in extractor. 

How would be the performance of rt patched ubuntu in shared scenario? I tested with cyclic test. I am seeing max time around 10 ms with average around 30 us for a loop of 50000 cycles. 

Should it be run under partitioned mode for better performance?. 
Does partition mode must need separate storage devices (passthru)?

My service vm crashes and gets powered off when trying to passthru GPU to user vm. 

Is GPU passthru working in this tag. I am using Apollo lake intel board.

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