Re: ACRN-Hypervisor build fail

Liu, Fuzhong

Hi Shibi

Your board.xml is generated with acrn-2022w03.2-180000p; but it is a little old for your scenario.xml.

It is preferred to generate board.xml and scenario.xml with the same codebase.


With the updated shared.xml; the build is passed with the latest codebase on my side.



ACRN Configuration Summary:

Build directory: /home/acrn/acrn-hypervisor/build/hypervisor

This build directory is configured with the settings below.

- BOARD = zingtron

- SCENARIO = shared


ACRN debian package acrn-zingtron-shared-3.0-unstable.deb was successfully created in the /home/acrn/acrn-hypervisor/build.





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Hi Liu,
   acrn-2022w03.2-180000p is the acrn-hypervisor tag I am using to build. 

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