Re: question regarding acrn-hypervisor vioapic implementation


It happens because in the acpi table - DSDT - the interrupt is defined as level triggered active low for this device.
Snippet from DSDT:

Name (_ADR, Zero) // _ADR: Address
Name (_HID, "INT3452") // _HID: Hardware ID
Name (_CID, "INT3452") // _CID: Compatible ID
Name (_DDN, "General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) Controller - North") // _DDN: DOS Device Name
Name (_UID, One) // _UID: Unique ID
Name (LINK, "\_SB.GPO0")
Name (RBUF, ResourceTemplate ()
Memory32Fixed (ReadWrite,
    0x00000000, // Address Base
    0x00004000, // Address Length
Interrupt (ResourceConsumer, Level, ActiveLow, Shared, ,, )

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