Re: Unit test for inteference

Zou, Terry

Hi Jianjie,


You are right, there is acrn-unit-test repo in acrn github. We ported from kvm-ut and adapted to ACRN arch 3 years ago, you can find detailed commit in:

But now it is still test framework ready only, no much detailed test case yet. If you are interested, welcome to discuss and joint-contribution together : )


We can update the setup steps in later, then you may try it on ACRN codebase. Stay tuned please.


Best & Regards



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Subject: [acrn-users] Unit test for inteference


Hi acrn community,


I find in your GitHub repository, there has acrn-unit-test 


It is quite interesting for me. But I find this repository is quite old.

Therefore, I would like to ask do you have any new acrn-unit test program, and how do you test for example, the property of free from interference (FFI).  


Thank you very much for your response.



Jianjie Lin


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