service VM ohne GUI einzulogen

Jianjie Lin

Hi Acrn Community,

By evaluating the performance of Our whiskey lake board with acrn hypervisor.

I have two questions about the performance in terms of gpu and cpu:

1.       Since the igpu in our board is not so powerful. Therefore, we would like to log in the Acrn hypervisor (service VM) without Gui.  Do you know how to configure the acrn hypervisor?

2.       Besides, we compare the uos with different number of assigned cpus, and run the same openvino application on this UOS.
But we found, there has no improvement for the uos with more cpus. It should not happen. Do you know why?

Interestingly, I changed the original industry scenario file so that the each uos can be assigned with more cpus (the default setting is each uos can be assigned with maximal 2 cpus). But we found, the performance is even worse than the less cpus.


Thank you very much for your support.



Jianjie Lin



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