[PATCH] drm/i915/gvt: add PIPEDSL to pvmmio trap list By He, Min ·
[PATCH] dm: shut down and pause UOS via acrnctl command 3 messages By Liu Yuan ·
[PATCH 04/16] HV: remove CONFIG_PARTITION_MODE for vpci code so that sharing mode and partition mode code can coexist 5 messages By Dongsheng Zhang ·
[PATCH 13/16] HV: rename hostbridge.c to vdev_hostbridge.c 13 messages By Dongsheng Zhang ·
[PATCH] tools: do not include unnecessary files in release build 3 messages By Yan, Like ·
[PATCH 1/2] hv:merge MACROs E820_MAX_ENTRIES and NUM_E820_ENTRIES 4 messages By Mingqiang Chi ·
[PATCH] HV: Modularize boot folder By Arindam Roy ·
[PATCH] acrn: fix used uninitialized warning 3 messages By Kaige Fu ·
[PATCH 1/3] hv: improvement of e820 creation for partition mode 3 messages By Chen, Zide ·
[PATCH 3/3] hv: remove the duplicated init_vm_boot_info() for partition mode By Chen, Zide ·
[PATCH 2/3] hv: optimize the assignment of load addresses for multiboot images By Chen, Zide ·
[PATCH 0/3] improve pre-launched VM launching By Chen, Zide ·
[PATCH v2 6/6] DM USB: xHCI: delay 2s for enumeration in resuming process 2 messages By Wu, Xiaoguang ·
[PATCH v2 5/6] DM USB: xHCI: re-design the S3 logic to speed up resuming process 2 messages By Wu, Xiaoguang ·
[PATCH v2 4/6] DM USB: xHCI: refine the de-init logic of xHCI vdevice 2 messages By Wu, Xiaoguang ·
[PATCH] DM USB: xHCI: fix an error logic in DRD logic 2 messages By Wu, Xiaoguang ·
[PATCH] hv: code style fix for partition mode specific code By Chen, Zide ·
[PATCH] DM: virtio-gpio: return a valid length for GPIO request By Liu Yuan ·
[PATCH v2 3/6] DM USB: xHCI: fix PORTSC error in 'pci_xhci_cmd_disable_slot' By Wu, Xiaoguang ·
[PATCH v2 2/6] DM USB: xHCI: fix a logic error in 'pci_xhci_portregs_write' By Wu, Xiaoguang ·