Re: [PATCH] hv: sched: fix bug when reboot vm

Eddie Dong

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Subject: [acrn-dev] [PATCH] hv: sched: fix bug when reboot vm

BVT schedule rule:
When a new thread is wakeup and added to runqueue, it will get the smallest
avt (svt) from runqueue to initiate its avt. If the svt is smaller than it's avt, it
will keep the original avt.

For the reboot issue, when the VM is reboot, it means a new vcpu thread is
wakeup, but at this time, the Service VM's vcpu thread is blocked, and removed
from the runqueue, and the runqueue is empty, so the svt is 0. The new vcpu
thread will get avt=0. avt=0 means very high priority, and can run for a very
long time until it catch up with other thread's avt in runqueue.
At this time, when Service VM's vcpu thread wakeup, it will check the svt, but
the svt is very small, so will not update it's avt according to the rule, thus has a
very low priority and cannot be scheduled.

To fix it, add a variable in structure sched_bvt_control, which is shared by all
thread objects in a pCPU. The variable is used to record the avt of the last
thread object removed from runqueue. This value is used to update the svt
when there is no object in runqueue.

Signed-off-by: Conghui <conghui.chen@...>
hypervisor/common/sched_bvt.c | 17 ++++++++++++++++-
hypervisor/include/common/schedule.h | 1 +
2 files changed, 17 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/hypervisor/common/sched_bvt.c b/hypervisor/common/sched_bvt.c
index 8354b13d7..431a2cdf1 100644
--- a/hypervisor/common/sched_bvt.c
+++ b/hypervisor/common/sched_bvt.c
@@ -104,12 +104,14 @@ static int64_t get_svt(struct thread_object *obj)
struct sched_bvt_control *bvt_ctl = (struct sched_bvt_control *)obj-
struct sched_bvt_data *obj_data;
struct thread_object *tmp_obj;
- int64_t svt = 0;
+ int64_t svt;

if (!list_empty(&bvt_ctl->runqueue)) {
tmp_obj = get_first_item(&bvt_ctl->runqueue, struct
thread_object, data);
obj_data = (struct sched_bvt_data *)tmp_obj->data;
svt = obj_data->avt;
+ } else {
+ svt = bvt_ctl->last_avt;
return svt;
@@ -156,6 +158,7 @@ static int sched_bvt_init(struct sched_control *ctl)

ctl->priv = bvt_ctl;
+ bvt_ctl->last_avt = 0U;

/* The tick_timer is periodically */
initialize_timer(&bvt_ctl->tick_timer, sched_tick_handler, ctl, @@ -
270,9 +273,21 @@ static struct thread_object *sched_bvt_pick_next(struct
sched_control *ctl)
return next;

+static void update_svt(struct thread_object *obj) {
+ struct sched_bvt_data *data;
+ struct sched_bvt_control *bvt_ctl =
+ (struct sched_bvt_control *)obj->sched_ctl->priv;
+ data = (struct sched_bvt_data *)obj->data;
+ if (list_empty(&data->list))
+ bvt_ctl->last_avt = data->avt;
static void sched_bvt_sleep(struct thread_object *obj) {
+ update_svt(obj);

static void sched_bvt_wake(struct thread_object *obj) diff --git
index c4d34bbbb..8528aa4ed 100644
--- a/hypervisor/include/common/schedule.h
+++ b/hypervisor/include/common/schedule.h
@@ -105,6 +105,7 @@ extern struct acrn_scheduler sched_bvt; struct
sched_bvt_control {
struct list_head runqueue;
struct hv_timer tick_timer;
+ int last_avt;

extern struct acrn_scheduler sched_prio;

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