Re: [PATCH v7 3/5] HV: Reshuffle start_cpus and start_cpu

Eddie Dong

- /* Error condition - loop endlessly for now */
- do {
- } while (1);
+ pr_fatal("Secondary CPU%hu failed to come up", pcpu_id);
+ cpu_set_current_state(pcpu_id, PCPU_STATE_INVALID);
I am questioning the need of the flag.

As if one PCPU fails to start, resume fails or boot fails. We should explicitly
do this. This is what panic does now.
Do we need to handle this additional state with this assumption?
Yes. As we taked in previous version of the patchset. We will reuse the
start_cpus (calling start_cpu) when reset the cpu of lapic_pt vm. If the pcpu
fails to start, we should mark it as INVALID and return error to the caller.
Marking INVALID here aims at preventing the later launched vm use it.

This is a question of how we want to do if shutdown of an RTVM fails or bootup fails.

For power on bootup, we clearly defines our policy to PANIC. This doesn't require any additional logic for further processing.
For shutdown failure of RTVM, do we want to power off/on entire platform, or do we want to try to restart the RTVM. I don't think the later one is feasible.
If this is correct, we just PANIC here and no need further logic.

In case of FuSa, the PANIC will trigger certain action to show MESSAGE to users. This is another story.


-void start_cpus(void)
+ * @brief Start all cpus if the bit is set in mask except itself
+ *
+ * @param[in] mask mask bits of cpus which should be started
+ *
+ * @return true if all cpus set in mask are started
+ * @return false if there are any cpus set in mask aren't started
+*/ bool start_cpus(uint64_t mask)
uint16_t i;
+ uint16_t pcpu_id = get_cpu_id();
+ uint64_t need_start_mask = mask;
+ uint64_t expected_start_mask = mask;

/* secondary cpu start up will wait for pcpu_sync -> 0UL */
atomic_store64(&pcpu_sync, 1UL);

- for (i = 0U; i < phys_cpu_num; i++) {
- if (get_cpu_id() == i) {
- continue;
+ i = ffs64(need_start_mask);
+ while (i != INVALID_BIT_INDEX) {
This style is fine too. But, I am wondering if following style is better?

For (i = ffs64(need_start_mask); i != INVALID_BIT_INDEX; i =
ffs64(need_start_mask)) {

Please check from MISRAC p.o.v.
Checked with Huihuang. From MISRAC p.o.v, both while and for is fine.
BTW, all current code related to ffs64(mask) use while.

Do you prefer we use for? If yes, I will do in next version.
I am fine now. IF we do, we can do later to cover all codes.

+ bitmap_clear_nolock(i, &need_start_mask);
+ if (pcpu_id == i) {
+ continue; /* Avoid start itself */

+ i = ffs64(need_start_mask);

/* Trigger event to allow secondary CPUs to continue */
atomic_store64(&pcpu_sync, 0UL);
+ return ((pcpu_active_bitmap & expected_start_mask) ==
Here we can directly use mask, since this is readonly. This way, we can avoid
use of both need_start_mask/ expected_start_mask.
Yes, we can use mask directly and will use it in next version.
But, need_start_mask is still needed as we will change it in runtime.
We save one. And you can use more readable name. I really couldn't distinguish expected_start_mask and need_start_mask.


void stop_cpus(void)
diff --git a/hypervisor/arch/x86/pm.c b/hypervisor/arch/x86/pm.c
index 3a0d1b2c..2f27565a 100644
--- a/hypervisor/arch/x86/pm.c
+++ b/hypervisor/arch/x86/pm.c
@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@

#include <types.h>
+ #include <bits.h>
#include <acrn_common.h>
#include <default_acpi_info.h>
#include <platform_acpi_info.h>
@@ -140,7 +141,10 @@ void do_acpi_s3(struct pm_s_state_data
*sstate_data, uint32_t pm1a_cnt_val, uint

void host_enter_s3(struct pm_s_state_data *sstate_data, uint32_t
pm1a_cnt_val, uint32_t pm1b_cnt_val) {
+ uint16_t pcpu_nums = get_pcpu_nums();
uint64_t pmain_entry_saved;
+ uint64_t mask;
+ uint16_t i;


@@ -185,6 +189,13 @@ void host_enter_s3(struct pm_s_state_data
*sstate_data, uint32_t pm1a_cnt_val, u
write_trampoline_sym(main_entry, pmain_entry_saved);

+ /* Skip BSP */
+ for (i = 1U; i < pcpu_nums; i++) {
+ bitmap_set_nolock(i, &mask);
+ }
Maybe not necessary. See above comments.
BTW, we may have a bug here: if one PCPU is already offline, this code
seems to be not correct.
Anyway, this is not an issue of this patch, we can decouple from this one.
Please check after this patch.
Will check it.
No need to block this patch for now.

/* online all APs again */
- start_cpus();
+ if (!start_cpus(mask)) {
+ panic("Failed to start all APs!");
+ }
diff --git a/hypervisor/include/arch/x86/cpu.h
index 13c2fd9e..8f25ca5d 100644
--- a/hypervisor/include/arch/x86/cpu.h
+++ b/hypervisor/include/arch/x86/cpu.h
@@ -250,6 +250,7 @@ enum pcpu_boot_state {

/* Function prototypes */
@@ -259,7 +260,7 @@ void trampoline_start16(void); void
load_cpu_state_data(void); void init_cpu_pre(uint16_t
pcpu_id_args); void init_cpu_post(uint16_t pcpu_id); -void
+bool start_cpus(uint64_t mask);
void stop_cpus(void);
void wait_sync_change(uint64_t *sync, uint64_t wake_sync);


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