Re: [PATCH v7 5/5] HV: Reset physical core of lapic_pt vm when shutdown

Eddie Dong

I got your comment. But here is what I think: I refine the stop_cpus to take one
more parameter 'mask'. So, we can reuse the stop_cpus here directly instead
of doing like the following:

1. make_pcpu_offline()
2. wait the pcpus offline.

These above logic is already in stop_cpus. IMHO, it is better to reuse stop_cpus.
Otherwise, we have duplicated code here.

If you prefer make_pcpu_offline and wait here, I will do it in next version. Sorry
for confusing.
We don't need to call stop_cpus again. It is just one line of code that can work as stop_cpus did.
Wait pcpus offline can be a separate API that can be shared.

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